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Hashtag Family

The Big Benefits #Big Smile

#Big Adventure

# Experience an adventure of a lifetime, creating unforgettable memories

# A truly bespoke and unique trip, where you immerse yourself into the community and culture 

# All your needs are taken care of, #BigSmile is the only provider offering volunteering and cultural trips fully catered from start to finish, the accommodation is of a high-standard with social activities to encourage team-bonding

# Building communities that make a real difference, you see for yourself where the funds go


#Big Team Building

# Accomplish your passion, build skills, feel truly proud of what you achieve and leave a legacy 

# Create life-long connections with groups of like-minded people, with #BigSmile we support you all the way, you’re in safe hands

# Team building skills in an environment that adds real value and impact to the individuals and the business

# Add value, being able to adjust to new environments and foster the ability to work collaboratively fosters better engagement 

#Big CSR for business

#Genuine Corporate Social Responsibility impact and genuine brand credibility for your business globally

#BigSmile provides the CSR package to adds value to your business, brand value and your employees

#Utilise the tax that you would normally pay and turn it into a greater asset with team building and CSR

#Aligning your organisation as socially responsible and globally aware

# Connecting you better to your clients, customers, and community


#Big Sustainable Changes

#Our #BigSmile concept is to build communities that are empowered to support themselves over time, becoming truly sustainable.

#Many people say that they want to come back year-after-year because it makes such an impact on them and in 'changing the world - one smile at a time’.

#BigSmile’s approach is to constantly evolve and develop with the environments and communities to ensure that they can thrive and not just survive. 


The Benefits

#BigSmile offers a totally bespoke, unique volunteering and team building experience, where corporate teams can accomplish their passion, build skills, leave a legacy and develop a much stronger team cohesion. Creating unforgettable memories & life-long connections with groups of like-minded people.


Everyone becomes a part of our #BigSmile family, together we deliver high-quality, high-impact construction and conservation community development programs worldwide. At the core of who we are and what we achieve is through our team of passionate Big Smile volunteers who are “changing our world one smile at a time” and this is where you come in.

With #BigSmile you’re in safe hands, whether you have volunteered abroad in the past, or, are in the process of planning your first ever trip, #BigSmile has volunteer projects to suit your passion.  All our volunteering programs contain a unique blend of cultural immersion and exploration. With project focuses ranging from construction projects, wildlife conservation, health-care and teaching. There is something for everyone. Remember, it is never too late to make a difference in the world.

Our mission is to make a real and genuinely sustainable impact in underprivileged areas by building communities, where we provide the skills and resources for them to prosper. With all our staff having started out as #BigSmile volunteers themselves, they have confidence in our projects and are dedicated to ensuring you have the same life-changing experience that they did, we are there with you all the way.





Meet the Team
Shaun_ Headshot (1 of 2).jpg



Shaun’s runs several businesses in metal fabrication that have diversified into metal sculptures, the fitness and travel industry and a heritage engineering business that runs on 100% green energy, which made the World’s first mechanical elephants.  His passion is in giving back and sustainability, from volunteering, investing and fund-raising around his businesses, this inspired him to want to ‘change our world one smile at a time'. 


The #BigSmile mission was formed, at the core is to build sustainable communities with education, sports academies and deliver conservation to make a real impact in under-privileged communities. Shaun is keen to make sure that all #Big Smile volunteers will truly feel that they have made a genuine impact and created truly unforgettable memories.

Hayley_ Headshot (2 of 2).jpg



Hayley is passionate about creating communities that are sustainable to thrive. She has co-created ideas for #BigSmile and leads #BigSmile, the projects and teams. She wants to ensure we create the greatest impact on the communities, for businesses CSR, and for the volunteers team-building.

Hayley’s drive comes from delivering genuine Corporate Social Responsibility with businesses and making a difference for those in need. One feat was challenging herself to run a 200k ultra-marathon across South Africa to Namibia for charity. 


Hayley's expertise has spanned multiple sectors at a senior level  corporate, directing large teams and start-ups. Through to experiencing different cultures from back-packing and studying the impact of nutrition and sustainability. 

Big Smile Heashots (3 of 10).jpg



With 30 years’ experience in the travel industry both living overseas and, in the UK. Neil set up Hashtag Travel with Dan with a unique market focus, he has worked across many aspects of the travel trade with various companies. Previously he has been a hot air balloon pilot and ski instructor and he plays golf off a very social 17 handicap. When not working, he’s most likely to be found on his road bike, the golf course, travelling or enjoying a drink with family and friends.

Neil has been involved in charity work for many years and is a former President and Chairman of Great Dunmow Round Table and 41 Club and has organised many diverse fundraising projects, raising much needed funds for a variety of international charities.

Big Smile Heashots (1 of 10).jpg



Richard’s early working experiences began in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He has business interests in raw materials supplies, tool and plant hire and bespoke holidays. He has been Chairman and President of the local Round Table which is where his involvement in charitable work stems from. 

His enjoyment of trekking has taken him many places in the world, one trip found him participating in the famous Rio Carnival with one of the local dance troops, that took first place.


As a co-founder of #BigSmile, building on his experiences and his ideology to give back, Richard’s big drive is about delivering the #BigSmile concept to reach even more people.

Big Smile Heashots (5 of 10).jpg



Thomas has worked extensively, in industry and private practice as an Accountant. Taking an active role in community and charity work, being part of the Round Table, holding positions locally and in Essex. Outside of this Thomas is an Ambassador for Round Table Children's Wish, a charity that grants hand-crafted wishes to seriously ill young people. Thomas has a young family and enjoys skiing and country pursuits, as well as travelling.


Thomas ensures that we are meeting our CIC community intentions. With all the money reinvested into the projects.

Big Smile Heashots (7 of 10).jpg



Dan has worked in the travel industry since 2003. He has a passion for exploring the world and experiencing new cultures. With a keen passion for sport, Dan still plays rugby and golf to a high standard and also helps coach the local junior and senior netball club. Dan’s second favourite pastime, after looking after his three daughters, is his involvement with the Round Table. As a past Chairman and current regional representative, Dan has helped arrange many fundraising events.


Dan’s involvement with #BigSmile allows him to combine his passions of travel, sport and charity and he looks forward to coaching the local children some team sports at the new facility in Joahannesburg.

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