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#BigSmile Club


#BigSmile family

Be part of the #BigSmile family of volunteers to help build communities for the world’s most vulnerable people.


Imagine the feeling after the day volunteering, sharing memories with the team and friends you made, with an immensely proud feeling of what the team's contribution will do for the communities there.


  • Take a team of employees to have an experience of a lifetime on our community build projects in South Africa.

  • Work on location in the local community to see first hand the impact that volunteering has.

  • Be led and guided by an experienced Team Leader, and work with #BigSmile staff on the ground where you are in safe hands from start to finish.

What's involved in a trip

Choose from one of our projects starting with: South Africa – Meadowlands, Johannesburg. Next is in Kenya.


  • 8 -10 days, with 5 of those days spent building on site.


Undertake important roles for the community build, such as digging, mixing mortar, building walls, laying blocks, painting walls, and moving materials. There is plenty to help with build this much-needed Meadowlands community and sports academy.


  • Have the opportunity to meet people from the local community and explore new places.

  • Immerse your senses in a unique cultural wild safari - spending 2/3 days with your newly found volunteer friends, while surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery and wild animals. Good food, hearty conversation and amazing memories await your evenings.

Brand values and your CSR

This kind of corporate volunteering adds real value and personality to your organisation. The programme’s key benefits include:


  • Improving staff retention and engagement

  • Aligning your organisation as socially responsible and globally aware

  • Opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Connecting you better to your clients, customers, and community


#BigSmile provides the Corporate Social Responsibility package adding value to your business & brand.


Use the tax you would normally pay & turn it into a greater asset.


You can also fund a project through our #BigBrand offers, if for any reason that at the moment you cannot give up time to actually volunteer, but you or your business would love to be involved.

#BigSmile Club CSR
Number of Employee Volunteers
Option to be part of our Advisory Board
Press release /content support media
Opportunity for bi-monthly update calls
Our founder/lead to speak at your event*
Personalised impact video
Invite to be on our blog/FB Live
Bi-yearly impact report
Personal message from the community
Social media shout out – FB, Linkedin
Your company logo & link on our website
Business Region
UK only currently, please discuss available dates with us
UK only currently, please discuss available dates with us
UK only currently, please discuss available dates with us
UK only currently, please discuss available dates with us
 Numbers of:
20 Available
10 Available
5 Available

2 Employees

3 - 5 Employees

5 - 10 Employees

1 - 20 Employees

"It's The Best Thing You'll Ever Do"

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