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Make the world a better place

Strengthen Your Business


#BigSmile Club provides a unique experience and impact for businesses. Team building in more complex environments, is shown to improve productivity, morale and problem-solving, along with adding valuable new skills.


#BigSmile Club enables your business to provide a real difference to your workforce.


By providing volunteers or teams, they get hands on, to make a real difference, where it matters most. Become a part of the #BigSmile family of volunteers to help build communities for the world’s most vulnerable people


Team building with #BigSmile creates a stronger bond and fosters morale at work. Research shows:


  • It boosts engagement levels by 50%+

  • 87% of employees are more loyal to a company.

  • 85%+ of all workplace failures are attributable to a lack of collaboration and/or ineffective communication


#BigSmile provides the Corporate Social Responsibility package adding value to your business & brand. Utilise the tax you would normally pay and turn it into a greater asset.

Similing Team

#BigBrand is a hugely important and critical partnership, for businesses that want to make a real difference, but may not be able to send staff to volunteer.

There are many options that can suit your business values, the benefits to the business demonstrates your support and Corporate Social Responsibility for your business.


Sponsor a community area, a community feeding programme, or out a child through the Academy, to name a few.

#BigBrand adds real value to your business, some of the key benefits include:

  • Demonstrating your business as socially responsible and globally aware

  • Opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Connecting you better to your clients, customers, and communities

As a #BigBrand you are helping a community from trying to just survive toward truly thriving.



We provide two main ways that businesses can support #BigSmile and in return create, or, optimise your Corporate Social Responsibly offering. Both #BigSmile Club and #Big Brand provide genuine Corporate Social Responsibility for your business.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is highly important to a business’ success because the way a business practices, is directly linked to the way it is perceived by its stakeholders, including the largest stakeholder groups – your employees and customers. 

#BigSmile Club provides different options for the greatest volunteering opportunities, that really stretch the team and individuals in the best team building environments. 

#BigBrand boosts your own CSR when you support any of our projects, if you feel impassioned to support #BigSmile, but maybe can’t afford individuals or teams to take time out of the business, we have many #BigBrand options

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