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Corporate Partnerships as a #BigBrand add real value for Communities and your brand value, the key benefits include:

  • Aligning your organisation as socially responsible and globally aware.

  • Opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Connecting you better to your clients, customers, and community that expect businesses to demonstrate CSR.


#BigBrand is critical support where Brands/Businesses that don’t have the time to get as involved but want to make a real difference to thousands of lives.

  • Providing much-needed resources to help the communities thrive.

  • In return adding value to your brand by supporting communities in need.

  • We can make a BIG difference in Africa with relativity small amounts of money.



We work collaboratively with businesses to help change the lives of those in the most need, for good.  Children and the older generation are at the heart of all that we do, we aim to ensure that they are out of danger, out of poverty and on track, to providing the skills to improve and the choice to create the future they want.


Donate/Sponsor us/Become a Partner to help us build a much-needed Community and Sports Academy to support 25,000 people - from sponsoring a community area with your own branding to helping a sick child, through to feeding programs.

All monies will be gratefully received and we promote your brand and align your values on our social media.

Sponsor a Community Area

sports, education or medical areas


Support Us

Feed a Township

feed 2000 people in the townships every Friday


Support Us

Educate a Child

for much needed education per year


Support Us

Sponsor a local to train

support the community: teachers, accountants & more

from £2000

Support Us

Provide School Uniform

for a child for a whole year


Support Us

Donate to a Sick Child

for much-needed healthcare

from £5,000

Support Us

Sponsor a Building Apprentice

provide resources, materials, and training


Support Us

Sports Academy

one child through Meadowlands Academy for a year


Support Us

Get Digging it Program

sponsor a vegetable garden for a year


Support Us

Supply School Supplies

required for a year - for 10 Students


Support Us
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