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Football Meadowlands FC vs. #BigSmile

Friday Football Fun #BigSmile vs Meadowlands FC

The week finished with a fun friendly football game #BigSmile volunteers vs. Meadowlands FC rewarding the volunteers and seeing how well the children are already playing.

One of the core focus for the Meadowlands build in Soweto, Johannesburg, is to provide a sports facility which caters for all levels from juniors to teens, to give children from the streets a focus, direction and influence to strive for better.

To move them from the temptation of crime, already with the limited resources, they have given them a sense of purpose and this is already improving their focus on their schoolwork.

You can hear from the Head Coach and Founder of Meadowlands FC, Dira ‘Chippa’ Laka, in the video, Chippa has played a significant role in building his community a facility, which will be a legacy to most as he was one of the unique lethal striker’s Gauteng ever had.

After injuries cut his professional career short at Orlando Pirates, he never lost his vision but in 2010 Chippa, then volunteered and dedicated his entire time in nurturing young talent and now runs a well organised development/amateur soccer team in Soweto.

We’re so proud to be supporting this amazing concept at Meadowlands FC, together we can make a genuine difference and impact many lives positively.

Reducing crime - Developing skills - Creating opportunities through sports with access for all abilities, disabilities and genders.

This short video says more than words alone, about the build and the impact this will truly make. We hope you are too.

Fancy leaving a legacy with true impact?

Everyone little helps to build this much-needed community. The global and social impact for the businesses that work on this project are tenfold, and as a volunteer the friendships you will make - the skills you create, the memories that you will keep - will last a lifetime.

#BigSmile Club – Businesses & Volunteers

You can join us on this project as a valued #BigSmile volunteer, or, as a #BigSmile Club partner sending individuals/teams from your business.

#BigBrand – Sponsors/Ambassadors

Alternatively, you can become one of our #BigBrand sponsors, providing much needed to up to 25,000 in the community.

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