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Inspiration from Johannesburg

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Our Vision - Oppression to Empowerment

Our vision is to help the community of around 25,0000 people, move on from past oppression to true empowerment. Together, we can create a community from the start, that can really work. With business volunteer teams to make this a reality. Every little helps.

Life in Tin Huts Johannesburh
Tin Huts Shanty Town Johannesburg

Why Meadowlands? There’s a lot of people trying to make a life with very little to start with, over 95% lack any job prospects and they really appreciate any little help and receive it with a #BigSmile.

Only through providing them with real choices, can they change the situation that they're in - together we can really offer them the prospect to change their lives.

Nelson Mandela original home in Soweto
Nelson Mandela's Home

Meadowlands is an important location - Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu lived here, dedicating their whole lives to help these communities to have more choices - ultimately, to build better lives.

Chris, the local Councillor, for Meadowlands, shared with us how the focus on football is important, it's already having a positive impact on the children and young adults, moving them away from crime.

Dirt field Meadowlands locals play football
Locals playing in the dirt Meadowlands

These small steps, such as coaching football has started to impact their mental well-being and inspired them to focus on their education to improve their lives.

In collaboration with the community we've discussed that they need a community centre, to bring all ages together and to provide a greater purpose and focus.

Now with your help, we will build on what has already worked well in other locations, with the collaborations between...

The Footprints Foundation, Winnie Mabaso Foundation and the Khaya Centres, adding our own expertise to make this a thriving community.

Together you can be part of creating a sustainable community

Just imagine the sense of achievement of being part of making a real difference to thousands of lives. Together we will…

Containers for educational skills in Meadowlands
Containers Khaya Centre offer education

Build an inclusive participation Community Centre for all - disabled, older and younger generations - to connect and share knowledge - learn trade skills, from IT to building, from home skills to growing their own food - in short to become sustainable. Sports focus for younger generations - youth teams, coaching for girls and boys, FA standard football training, netball coaching, National league chess.

Education on health, healthy eating, healthy mind and healthy relationships too.


How to get involved

There’s a huge sense of achievement in being part of something that makes a genuine difference to so many, and we’ve many options.

#BigSmile Club – Corporates & Volunteers

You can join us on this project as a valued #BigSmile volunteer, or, as a #BigSmile Club partner sending individuals/teams from your business. In return you add value to your business, provide team members with an amazing experience and new skills, plus showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with our support and brand assets.

Be more @

#BigBrand – Sponsors/Ambassadors

Alternatively, you can become one of our #BigBrand sponsors, providing much needed to up to 25,000 in the community, where you can sponsor a community area that fits with your own brand values, or have any of your business teams create a fun event at work to raise spirits and crucial funds, there are lots of options to suit. Do more @

Every little helps

Everyone little helps to build this much-needed community. The global and social impact (CSR) for the businesses that work on this project are tenfold, and as a volunteer the friendships you will make - the skills you create, the memories you make - will last a lifetime.

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