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Hashtag BigSmile and The Footprints Foundation are Collaborating!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Hashtag BigSmile and The Footprints Foundation are collaborating to build a community and sports academy, bringing together young and old. With sports facilities from full-size football pitches, 5-a-side football, netball and basketball, calisthenics, a running track, skateboarding.

Sports to provide focus like Steel Warriors calisthenics did for knife crime street gangs, where we provided the metal expertise with the knife amnesty to melt down into the frames for exercising. The community focus will provide a way to improve their livelihoods with skills, resources, exercise, focus and working as a team provides proven mental health benefits.

We are creating a sustainable eco-systems, those that constantly evolve & adapt to the environment needs, such as implementing permaculture and we will constantly consider ways to use the resources in the most effective way. Using our knowledge from other businesses like Hunwick Engineering and others that have created green powered communities ensuring that we use less resources.

With the community centre at the heart of the build, providing much needed education areas, OAP rest areas, vegetable patches, changing rooms, medical rooms – to make this a fully functioning community where all generations can prosper, and who knows we may find our next Ade Adepitan, Steven Pienaar, Bernard Parker, or Caster Semenya!

We have partnered with The Footprints Foundation after one of our Founders, Shaun Pledger, was impressed when volunteering with them and meeting the Chair, Bob Holt, OBE. The Footprints Foundation (Mears Foundation) hold similar values to ours in wanting to make a real difference and empower the communities to move from just surviving to thriving.

We believe in collaboration and not competition, in order to build a better future, and we value that The footprints foundation have been operating in South Africa for a number of years. This provides #BigSmile and our volunteers with well-established connections and on-the-ground support, along with the important local knowledge that is required. Are vision is to 'change our world one smile at a time'.

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